Web Developer

  • Company: Hello Jövő Kft
  • Job Location: Budapest - Hungary
  • Date: September 8, 2018 08:21
  • Employment Type: permanent
  • Experience: senior
  • Job Functions:

    Information Technology

Job summary

We’re looking for a talented web developer to work on a greenfield project for a customer with millions of dollars venture capital funding along with existing projects, both internal and for customers.

Job description

Our team of web developers work across the entire stack, creating innovative and pragmatic solutions that allow the websites, web and mobile applications we create and maintain perform reliably at scale.

You’ll work collaboratively with our team and customers to build, support and improve new and existing digital products. You will be comfortable building and debugging applications from frontend Javascript and CSS issues, backend issues with PHP code to configuring servers.

Job qualifications



  • Building and debugging websites and web applications
  • Collaborating with other team members, sharing ideas and finding solutions
  • Writing scalable code that will handle significant traffic peaks
  • Writing tested code that has tests, is tested and can be tested as part of an automated testing pipeline
  • Conduct peer reviews of code (including configuration and infrastructure code)
  • Responding to customer questions about your work
  • Juggling bugs and feature requests according to business and customer priorities
  • Occasional participation in the 24/7 emergency on-call rota (our systems are robust, we have had a single critical out-of-hours failure in the last 12 months)

Skills you have

  • Fluent English
  • Object Orientated PHP (including frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, Slim or similar)
  • Frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS & Javascript and tooling & frameworks based around them like Grunt, Webpack, Yarn, Sass, ReactJS
  • Relational databases (such as MySQL and PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration (such as Jenkins)
  • Cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform
  • Linux and server configuration experience

Other nice to have technologies that we use

  • We’ve been containerizing our applications and servers since before it was cool and use LXC, Docker and Kubernetes to simplify the management of servers and applications
  • We use automated Vagrant and/or Docker development environments that mirror our production setups to avoid Works On My Machine Syndrome
  • We abhor configuring servers by hand, hate SSHing to them and use DevOps tools such as Chef, Ansible, Terraform, Jenkins and Rundeck to automate the provisioning, configuration and management of our servers. Our servers are cattle, not pets
  • A significant number of our customers run Elasticsearch, some deploy with Capistrano
  • Logging and monitoring (tools like Logstash, Kibana, Graphite, StatsD)